The Outside Groove book trailer

Vermont author Erik Esckilsen hired me this past summer/fall to shoot and edit his first book trailer. He was eager to have a video book trailer coincide with the availability of the online version of The Outside Groove, a novel for young adults.  The car racing theme required some significant race footage, which  I was happy to gather at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont.  I hadn’t been there in 20 years and never as up close as Erik managed to gain us access during production, so it was a lot of fun.

The off-track scenes were shot in Fairfax on a chilly fall morning. Cael Barkman, a talented local actor, portrayed the “Running Casey” character with professional ease and a great attitude. Because this is promoting a book, Erik didn’t want us to reveal her identity too much so that readers would form their own image of her.

The music was generously and skillfully provided by Lucio Menegon, a gifted sonic artist / composer who brought real spark to the finished trailer.

Norwich University Graduate Program testimonials







Norwich University had invited me to record and edit some testimonials for their 2010 Graduate Program residency.  Due to their need to revamp their website, these hadn’t been available until recently. These were both shot on a Sony Z5U with minimal bounce and soft light.

Click each image to view video at their website.

Jvillage Network interviews

YouTube Preview Image

I have just completed a “company bio” for Jvillage Network in which a few of the key players talk about the challenges facing Jewish organizations as they try to engage their member base.  Founder Yoram Samets, Jena Strong, and Mark Yaschik each give a unique perspective on what Jewish organizations need to engage their constituents in this age.

I shot this piece on a Sony Z5U in HD  and two-point lighting with Lowell 750W  Tota lights.  I softened the lights with directional umbrellas.   Sound was achieved with Sennheiser Evolution ew100 G3 wireless lav mics. Aside from a loud soda machine in the room I was pleased with sound coverage in the otherwise echo-prone room.

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